Andrew Garfield Discusses His ‘Guilt’ Over Not Having Children By Age 40

In a recent interview with GQ, Andrew Garfield discussed the ‘guilt’ he feels for not fulfilling the “societal obligation of procreation” as he approaches his 40th birthday next year. The actor was recently awarded a Golden Globe for his portrayal of composer Jonathan Larson in the film “Tick, Tick… Boom!” The film focuses on Larson as he reflects on his life as he approaches his 30th birthday, which appears to parallel Garfield’s life as he also approaches a significant birthday. Garfield reflected on his position in life by saying, “I always believed I would be the first to have children and settle down. And [my friends who are also turning 40] are, for the most part, all married with multiple children. And I’m basically… he continued. “I’m here with you, eating a burger and pondering the meaning of life. Attempting to fill my days with as much nonsensical activity as possible.”

As a man, Garfield notes that it has been “easier” for him to avoid feeling guilty about not having children by age 40. “It’s more about accepting a different path than what was expected of me,” Garfield told GQ. “Such as, By this time, you will have accomplished this and given birth to at least one child – that sort of thing. I believe I am guilty about that.”

His consideration of potential children also follows the passing of his mother, Lynn, who died of cancer in 2019. “Life appears to be an endless practice of letting things go. Relinquishing is an idea of how something should appear, be, or feel. And this is a difficult one to let go of, as I would have loved for my mother to have met my children, should I have them. She indeed will. In essence. She will be present. I know she’s there for every major event.”

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